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  • Heritage and culture project planning and management services

  • Community and partnership projects 

  • Grant and fundraising advice specialising in heritage, culture and historic environment sectors

  • Grant and charitable trust application writing and submission

  • Charity support

  • Fundraising research reports

  • Online giving and campaign management

  • Heritage research and evaluation

  • Event management and promotion

  • Social media management

  • Production of publicity materials (Leaflets/press releases/website content/brochures etc)

Lowri has had a passion for Welsh heritage and culture from a young age. Her professional experience and interest in this area of work has developed over time, specialising in the project planning and management of cultural heritage, building conservation and community-led projects of all sizes and varieties, whilst also sourcing the funding for them. Above is a list of services, but if you need support with anything else get in touch.

See below for some photographs of projects that Lowri has worked on over the years, and the type of support she's given.

Lowri is a motivated, assertive and enthusiastic individual with significant experience of working on heritage, culture and historic environment projects. She would very much like to work with you; as an individual, charity, business or local authority; on your relevant projects, therefore please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

"Lowri Goss was a wonderful asset to our building preservation trust, Adfer Ban a Chwm, and worked hard to take it to the next level of development. She provided the knowledge and experience of a mix of communication, fundraising, community engagement and strategic thinking with project management and the understanding of vernacular buildings. After a handover of three months, she steamed ahead as executive director and we became very excited about the future. She worked easily and productively with our trustee board, and absorbed and adopted the ethos of the charity."

Joanie Speers, founder/trustee, Adfer Ban a Chwm

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